You’re Not Defined
By A Diagnosis.
We provide a community, education, resources and tools to help people thrive while living with chronic, invisible diseases. Sign up today.
What We Offer

The Survival Guide

Whether your diagnosis is new or has been a lifetime “companion,” we know life with a chronic illness is hard. Our survival guide is a roadmap to helping you wrap your brain around your diagnosis and start uncovering the awesomeness that is you.

The Power of Community

This isn’t some online sick-kids camp, where we all sit around a virtual fire crying and hugging about our lives and struggles. We’re building a community of people who get it, and are working to help each other advocate for themselves, pursue better outcomes and reduce isolation.

CoVstat Tracking App

Reduce the anxiety surrounding medical visits and provide more accurate information by tracking symptoms, emotions, and other valuable stats for your appointment, keeping everyone on the same page.

We’re Here To Help
The Co-Immunity is a network that focuses on building a support system of peers for those living in the healthy-sick universe. You already know this, but life with a chronic disease is hard. We want to help make it a little easier.

Why We Exist

Young adults with chronic illness are three times as likely to attempt suicide.

No Matter Who You Are
We understand that you’re coming here with a specific person, purpose or hope in mind. Whatever brought you here, we’re excited to help.
Person Diagnosed

We’re so glad you’re here. You’re the reason we exist. We want to connect you with people who understand what you’re experiencing – at least a little – and offer you no-BS tools and resources to start advocating for yourself. You’re an awesome person, and we exist to help you realize your awesomeness. Welcome.


Wow. Welcome. Having a child with a chronic, invisible disease isn’t easy. Whether they’ve lived with it their whole lives, or they’ve just been diagnosed, we know you probably have a lot of questions and hopes for them. We’re here to help make your kids healthier, happier humans.


We know: sometimes we’re not the best patients. We’re nervous, scared, or just downright mad about our treatment and we may sometimes take it out on you. Co-Immunity exists to help patients communicate and work better with providers just like you. We’re really glad you’re here.

The Problem

In an anonymous survey of 150 college students with chronic illness, the following was reported:

Internalize Stress
Feel Overwhelmed
Feel Isolated
Report Non-Compliance
The awesomest/B.A.-est/most-fulfilled/unbelievably remarkable version of you is waiting. We can’t wait to meet you.