Who We Are

What we're all about.
The Co-Immunity is a network that focuses on building a support system of peers for those living in the healthy-sick universe. You already know this, but life with a chronic disease is hard.
For starters, you’re constantly slammed with navigating the endless changes and curveballs to your everyday life. On top of that, you have those “accessories” – medications, devices, appointments (just to name a few) – that others do not have the pleasure of experiencing.

Winning the game of life is much easier with an awesome team behind you. The Co-Immunity is here to be part of your team. Our goal is to help you understand your emotions and connect you with people who may not share your diagnosis, but can relate to your experience.

Our founder, Maddie, became reclusive when diagnosed. Her diseases had no local support, and anything she found online was targeted primarily for people older than her. The attitude of the resources she found were enabling – not empowering. Needless to say, she was pretty disappointed.

One day while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, she got a glimpse of what she wanted when she met a girl dealing with many of the same experiences as her. She understood the things people who knew Maddie for years hadn’t, all within a 15-minute conversation. Their “normals” were different from their peers, and she got that.

We hope Co-Immunity shares that gift with you, allowing you to realize that even when all hell breaks loose, you have people behind you, making sure you know that you can (and will) keep going.


Co-Immunity supports and connects young adults with chronic, invisible disease to create better patient outcomes. Furthermore, we educate and provide resources to patient care teams, educators and families.

We want to revolutionize patient care by supporting Healthy-Sicklings to create better patient outcomes.


Putting oneself in the position of another to better understand and support them.

Openness, vulnerability and straightforward communication and actions.

Continued pursuit of creative opportunities both big and small to provide our community with growth and improvement.

The ability to acknowledge and overcome difficulties. Willingness to adapt, pivot and change in the face of adversity.

Inspiring and empowering others to strive for personal excellence by example.