CoVstat App

Reduce the anxiety surrounding medical and therapy visits and provide more accurate information by tracking symptoms, emotions, and other valuable stats for your appointment, keeping everyone on the same page.
Symptom Tracker
Keep a journal of how you feel day-to-day.

Keeping track of your symptoms, moods and overall feelings about each day is a remarkably valuable tool for your pursuit of health and wellness – and provides valuable insights for your doctors and therapists.

  • Track your symptoms
  • Document how you felt each day
  • Share your report with those who need to know
  • Feel more in control of your health
A healthy, practical, meaningful community.

We’re building a community of people who get it, and are working to help each other advocate for themselves, pursue better outcomes and reduce isolation.

  • Follow topics you care about
  • Share your story for yourself and others
  • Connect with other healthy-sicklings

Turn your tracking into practical insights.

Tracking your symptoms is just the start. Create more targeted and informed treatment plans based on valuable insights, while reducing the anxiety of trying to remember six months of symptoms 

  • Multiple export formats
  • Easily shared with those who need to know

What does CoVstat mean?

The name, CoVstat (the “v” is silent!), was inspired by CEO and Founder Madeline’s and COO Kyle’s Czech heritage. The word “Vstat” means “to get up or rise from difficulty.” “Co” means “with.”
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