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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic invisible disease with a bad rap. According to the CDC, 6.1 million people have ADHD. Listen to the voices of those that live in spite of their label.

Madeline: My mom knew I had ADHD as an infant and begged my pediatrician to drug me up until she finally won the battle when I was aged 7. ADHD can make life frustrating. My brain works differently, but most of the time I like the way my brain works even when others do not. My thoughts and emotions happen at a super intense and rapid speed. I think fast, talk fast, eat fast, and hyperfocus on anything I am interested in until I crash because I am narcoleptic. It makes up my strengths and my weaknesses. I get it, I am intense and a lot, but why is that always considered a bad thing.

Tadyn: ADHD is not just the hyperactive child who bounces off of walls. Or the child who doesn't like to sit down and do their homework. ADHD is being labeled as the "problem child" in elementary because you cannot listen. ADHD is the inability to finish an assignment the day before it's due because your brain does not want to cooperate. ADHD is hating yourself for forgetting yet another date or a birthday. ADHD is the grammatical errors I've made in this post dispute being in college. ADHD is the lack of following up when you say you'll do something. ADHD is that unfinished painting in the corner of the room or the instrument you have been dying to learn but never made it through a single practice. ADHD is forgetting something two seconds after you thought of it. Nobody sees the depression that follows or the failure to keep up important relationships. They never talk about the performance anxiety that develops from never being the smart kid in class. Despite everything that ADHD is, ADHD is not what defines me. I am more than my disability.

The Co-Immunity Foundation would like to thank Tadyn Falcon for contributing to this blog post.

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